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Mike Duesenberg Photo by  Paul Octavious

Mike Duesenberg
Photo by Paul Octavious

Mike Duesenberg is a designer, creative director, and brand/design strategist.

I've called Chicago home for all my 31 years.  I studied design and photography at DePaul University as well as additional studies in interior design and architecture.

I come from a family of do-it-yourself entrepreneurs who helped shape my view on work. I spent my late teens and early twenties running a record label and clothing company, as well as designing for bands, artists, and small businesses. For the past decade, while continuing to freelance, I've worked in the corporate design world where I currently lead design and branding for a global packaging company. 

These experiences have all come together to form my view on the importance of branding, design, and storytelling. I'm a big picture thinker who still loves to get into the tiny details. I love to dive deep into a problem and discover where the opportunity lies and the dots that need to be connected.

I still regularly work on personal and client projects, so let's talk and make something great!